Thursday, October 20, 2011

not any sort of combat or competition, just playing with staying mobile and not locking down when things are swinging at me.

on the swinging side, playing a little bit with the flip shots for when the opponent gets too close (there's a good one around :20)


  1. HAHA! Very good.
    So ... what did you notice about yourself ...?

  2. well the main thing I was looking for was cheating. I've been trying to work with Basil on this and I wanted to able to compare how I do it on both sides to see if I was cheating or doing something I wasn't telling him about. I'll toss up the video from the other side, too. It feels really comfortable to me these days, at least at this speed, because the zweihander has these huuuuge dead spots to move into.

  3. Yeah - it looks like your cuts are quicker across the center line/target than his when you are feeding, giving him less time to enter. He also sticks with one cut angle when he starts, I noticed you do 2 sometimes so when he thinks he's entered behind the strike he ends up in front of it.
    Nice short range underhand cuts, are those what you call 'flips'?