Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Got woken up early in the morning by a call from my friend Basil, who needed a ride from the emergency room.

my understanding:
He was out at a bar, talked to some girls. Dudes with the girls took exception to this. So, after he left, as he was getting in his truck dude came from behind, pulled him out and took a couple shots at him. He doesn't remember exactly what happened, but from what he said, my guess is that Basil shielded his head as he was pulled out, the dude stabbed at Basil's shoulder, but it got caught up in Basil's leather motorcycle jacket, and then Basil blocked the second stab attempt with his arm and got back in the truck, kicked the dude away, closed the door, then dude was waving his knife in the air and got talked down. Basil said he felt alright as they were driving away, but then when he took off his jacket, well... picture below.
He's alright, going to see a hand specialist soon. My guess is, he's alive because the dude's goal was to stick him, and then show Basil the knife to show Basil that he got him, as opposed to pure assault.

Knife wasn't seen by Basil or either of his two friends until the guy was holding it up. Leather jacket had big, gnarly slices through multiple layers.

knife was this or a close approximation:

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  1. Hectic.
    Glad your friend is doing OK. Your description of the attack and not feeling being stabbed is absolutely consistent with what others have said.
    My FMA teacher always said rather the arm a anything more vital, and rather the outside of the arm than the inside ... so really your friend did really well considering. OTOH, it's good to remember what protecting yourself with your arm actually looks like. Nasty wound.
    The attacker must have been cutting with serious intent and a sharp blade to have damaged the leather jacket so much too.